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Talents at the Artbox Project 2017 in Basel
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Thanks to Patricia and Dennys artists from 25 nationalities where able to show their talent by displaying their art during the Artbox Project exposition in the Euroairport exhibition hall in Basel, Switzerland from June 14th -18th.
We saw some amazing pieces of art ranging from paintings to photographs to sculptures.

The winner was Philip McKay with “Ride the Storm”

The 19 finalist where: Ela Goldman, Juliana Bratanova, Earthstone Chu, Roland Müller, Brian Smith, Wang Yang, Gus Bawab, Natalia Marinych, Lujmani Palugava, Mathias Waske, Yvonne Welman, Andrii Abhinava Chernovil, Sailesh Sanghui, Maura Patricia Zoller, Matteo Germano, Dermita Klasser, Caterina Rancho, Denis Delauney, Ilze Jaunberga, Alan Luck, Silke Mohrhoft, Sauna Myrhtner, Chris Kelch, Caroline Helfer, David L. Scholes, Mania Efstathiou, Patrick “Blaetti” Blatter

The Organizers

Artbox is the brainchild of Patricia and Dennys. Patricia has been an artist for many years now and has participated in many different art exhibitions, even after great success in Switzerland with several TV, Newspaper and radio appearances she has noticed that it is extremely difficult to establish yourself in the art market and get the people to know your art.
For that reason Patricia and Dennys wanted to give talented artists, whom have not been able to establish themselves in the art market, the opportunity to be a part of such a big exhibition as it would be impossible to realize for most artists considering the costs involved.
The first Artbox project was held in March 2016 with the planning of the Miami 1.0 project.
The expos where always held during the Artbasel artworks in the same location Miami, Basel and Hongkong, but they are not directly affiliated with them.
Patricia and Dennys are planning on similar projects in New York next year, after that they are looking into the Asian markets as well.

Getting Ready for New York!

The final winners and their art, plus the 500 plus Artpieces from all the participants where presented on a big screen for 5 days and during a cocktail party on June 16th in the exhibition hall, where we enjoyed Prosecco and hors d’oeuvres and some very unusual sounds playing in the background! The musician was playing a cordless type of instrument by moving his fingers above it, almost like a wifi operated contraption. That was something we haven’t seen yet!
It was enjoyable evening with great art, food and music!
We are looking forward to the next event, and on behalf of all the new and upcoming artists we thank Patricia and Dennys for their efforts and dedication to the art world!

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