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Club41Somewhere between the excitement of the Broadway Stage and a December football scrimmage, one finds an extraordinary phenomenon called the Restaurant. Restaurants come in assorted sizes, prices and themes, yet all have a common creed to serve people every minute of every hour of the day. Restaurants are composites: They are places to fill up, flake out, to celebrate, remember or even forget. To your competitor your restaurant is always filled, and your steal his help. You have the greatest chef, the most cleanly kitchen and real personality bartenders. To your guest you are a swinger, Party Boy, living the life of Riley. And you think to yourself, as so many do, that someday “When I retire, I am going to open up a little place of my own.” Restaurants live with phrases: “We are two dishwashers short.” “The chef picked up his knives.” and “Do you call this Stroganoff?” Your steady guest of ten years just told you that his steak was cold and tough and that you shall never see him again. It’s the only business that is only as good as your last meal. A restaurant is a smile on your face when you are two waiters short. It’s a new grey suit with cherry stains on the sleeve. It’s shaking hands with the mayor while wielding the plunger. It’s smiling, after two hours sleep, at a stranger; while your kids ask, “When is Daddy coming home.” Restaurants are Saturday nights, low food cost, Mother’s day, new Year’s Eve, and Brunch on a rainy summer Sunday. Restaurants suffer with freezing rain, weather warnings and most holidays. They hurt at the sight of a competitors full parking lot, rising prices and the new place being built across the street. A Restaurant demands an attempt to be Cecil B. DeMills and Rogers & Hart, while the script is controlled by your friendly banker. It requires the fitness of an art collector along with the fortitude and skills of a plumber. And yet……a restaurant is the World Series, Super Bowl and Oscar night all rolled into one when you hear those heartwarming words, “It’s the best meal we have ever had, and we’ll be back.”

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  1. Tom House
    | Reply

    This is excellent Ulrich… I have an idea that will bring more attention to your blog .. Will explain in more detail shortly

    • admin
      | Reply

      Sounds good Tom.. will be happy to hear your input! Thanks

  2. hans susser
    | Reply

    Great Post, Ulrich 🙂
    Cheers !

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