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It was my first trip to Milan and it was amazing! Ioved the vibrant, exciting lifestyle of this city. The shops are absolutely amazing with a all the top names in fashion, my favorite place was sitting by the plaza next to the Cathedrale; what an amazing structure! I ld have sat there all day people watching, they come from all over the world to visit this place.

We sat near the Cathedrale on the terrace of this restaurant and had the best pizza I ever ate, and I have eaten quite a few and also made quite a few! this one was perfect¨, the crust was light and on the inside and crusty on the outside, the toppings where fresh pomodorino, a great quality mozzarella and fresh basil.

I was a bit worried about driving into the city after heraing some of the comments from friends that visited before, but to my surprise it was easier than driving around Zürich in  Switzerland where you really have to watch out for pedestrians (they are the kings when it comes to the right of way¨) plus the trams and buses coming from all directions, god forbid you are sitting on a tramtrack when one of them decides to come your way!

The best Pizza was at this place

Milan, however, was great the mainstreets are wide and drivers where not as crazy as it was described to me! Parking was great we followed the sign that brought us to a parking garage right in the center of town, not far form the main plaza.

I already put a date on my calendar to return to Milan soon to explore the parts i haven’t seen yet.

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