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Waiting over pain au chocolat in a walkway bistro, chilling after a romantic day of roaming around the Seine and wondering about symbols like the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe… the ultimate Paris experience need both leisure and liveliness and enough time to feel some of world most exquisite and artistic cuisine. Paris is like a capital of the art of cookery some of the best food and haute cuisine can be enjoyed in everyone budget from a humble boulangerie or café.

So, here is some foods that you must try before leaving World’s most romantic city.


Paris is the home of the best quality artisanal baguettes, even a prestigious competition is held every to select ‘Meilleure Baguette de Paris’ (Best Baguette of Paris). So, Don’t miss the warmed crusty tip and nibble in your romantic walk.


The heart of the bistro dish, this basic matching of a grilled steak with various sauces and chips is one of the most delicious and classic cuisine. With a carefully matured meat and  potatoes this classic French dish can make you happy anytime.


Like all others, sometimes Parisians also need to eat on the go. Jambon-beurre is a delicious Parisian sandwiches which you can buy it from corner bakeries or any café counter. It comes with a fresh half-baguette coated with creamy delicious butter and seasoned with ‘jambon de Paris’, a juicy grilled ham.


In Paris every bakery can make your morning divine with amazing Croissant. You will be spellbound by its magical creamy buttery smell. There is a little debate in Paris to figure out who makes the best croissant. Pierre Hermé, Triomphe, L. Duchêne, Mulot, Lenôtre, Boul. de Monge, Delmontel. Pierre Hermé and Mulot are some bakery making best croissants since a long time.


We all know Paris is known for its lovely pastry shops, Paris-Brest is the best seller in those pastry shops. Named after an old bicycle race in Paris, this wheel-shaped pastry crust is garnished with praline buttercream and sprinkled with caramelized almonds is like a dream come true to every sweet lovers.


Today we all love Macarons but Paris is the birth place of this delicate pastry. In Paris the delight pastry comes with two almond meringue shells sandwiched with warm buttercream. Available in all flavors and colors this delicious pastry will satisfy your taste.

Street-stand crêpes

Paris as a food capital it has some of its own street foods like crêpes. While walking around Paris crêpes can be the best afternoon snacks for you. This true native Parisian street food is loved by all for its yummy taste but make sure that your crêpes are well cocked spotlessly clean. You can also enjoy this Street-stand crêpes with various stuffings but the traditional beurre-sucre (butter and sugar) is most popular stuffing.





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