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Did you know there are 1119 registered beer breweries in Switzerland? Between non-registered and/or private breweries there are a total of 8000 in Switzerland a country of 8 million inhabitants! In 2016 beer consumption in Switzerland was over 110 million … Read More

Und die besten Drinks der Welt gibt es in …
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… London. Doch auch in New York, Athens und Paris werden erstklassige Cocktails aufgetischt. Ein Überblick. Die besten Bars der Welt wurden von «50 Best Bars» gekürt. Auf Platz zehn: Speak Low, Shanghai (China). Der Eingang zur Bar versteckt sich … Read More

Switzerland’s Favorite Dessert
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Das Süsse kommt zum Schluss: Ein feines Dessert mit Schweizer Rahm oder Quark ist die Krönung eines jeden Menüs.    VERMICELLES Chestnut Puree with Cherry Brandy       Für 4 Personen Vermicelles-Presse oder Passe-vite 4,5 dl Milch 600 … Read More

An unusual post content?!
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I know You may find it a bit strange that I would promote a topic pain reliefer on my website, however this cream just blows me away! Being a chef my hands really toke a toll all those years sauteeing … Read More

106 year old Fruit Cake
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In August, a fruitcake was unearthed in Antarctica, apparently it was abandoned by the British explorer Robert Falcon Scott in 1911 (who starved to death on a later expedition). Apart from what one observer described as a faintly “rancid butter” … Read More

In drei Tagen um die Welt
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  In drei Tagen um die Welt Published in the Online Bewspaper “20 Minutes” Madagaskar, Argentinien und Australien in drei Tagen bereisen – inklusive Abstecher in den Himalaya. Unmöglich? Nicht am Globetrotter Fernwehfestival, das vom 27. bis 29. Oktober in … Read More

Culinary Tour de Paris
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Waiting over pain au chocolat in a walkway bistro, chilling after a romantic day of roaming around the Seine and wondering about symbols like the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe… the ultimate Paris experience need both leisure and … Read More

The Novel Taste of Old Food
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Published by LIGAYA MISHANOCT. 4, 2017   New York Times A fresh black sea urchin atop a pair of dry-aged steaks, one aged for 45 days (at top) and one for 21.Photograph by Kyoko Hamada. Styled by Beverley Hyde IN FOOD, … Read More

All About the Food in Mallorca
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All About The Food Here Many of us visit Mallorca expecting to see nothing more than what the island is famous for deep blue water and its amazing white beaches. Once there, however, you get to see that it has … Read More

Why Everyone Should Travel Solo At Least Once
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Photo Courtesy of Why Everyone Should Travel Solo At Least Once by Monica Houghton   These days my news feed is filled with pictures of solo adventurers taking on the world, heading to one gorgeous destination after another. Even … Read More

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