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I know You may find it a bit strange that I would promote a topic pain reliefer on my website, however this cream just blows me away! Being a chef my hands really toke a toll all those years sauteeing with heavy legion copper pans, cast iron pans and just alll the physical labor with my hands, I have been using the cream for the past few months, my 95 year old mother says she can’t believe it after all these years she finally found a product that eliminates her pains in her shoulders, my mother-in-law told yesterday to order 2 more jars for her, she says “it’s unbelievable”!
Just last night i decided to rub this stuff on my hands, i used it as you would with a skin softener, because my fingers are always stiff and hard to move first thing in the morning, this morning when I got up my fingers felt like what they feel like in the evening, normal movements, no stiffness or pain.
That is why I had to write this post, as of today we shall call this pain reliefer “THE MIRACLE WHIP”.
For those who know  me know that I’m as straight as an arrow when it comes to honesty, well you can believe me that if you suffer from any muscle or joint pains you should try this cream, you will be amazed of the results just after the first application, and it doesn’t take very much of the cream to be effective.
Best Regards Ulrich

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