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3rd Annual Gin & Rum Festival – Luzern 2017

Leaving Altdorf on a Swiss double decker bus, enjoying the scenic route to Luzern along the lake to finally arrive at the Ice center of Luzern to enjoy and sample some of the finest sprits of the world.
Out of 49 exhibitors we couldn’t possibly taste all of the good stuff, even though we didn’t have to drive as we came by bus! Having lived in the Dominican Republic our first stop was, of course, the Dominican Rum exhibition Ron Vivero represented by Grüana Tuma (The Green Thumb).

Great Exhibitors

This 30 year old Rum is probably the only one that was transported across the Atlantic without any fuel instead it came on a Sailing Vessel, then being stored in Switzerland in former Bourbon barrels accompanied by it’s very unique history….
The next stop was Wild Inside represented by The Wild Alps, a line of Gin, Rum and Schnapz.
Orator AG in Pfungen, Switzerland, producing a delicate line of specialties made of bio organic individual raw materials not a blend like most other spirits, we tasted one made with orange blossoms and another with pepper!
As Mr. Christian Orator said; When you want a perfect, 1st class product one must use the best materials! As a chef, I responded “it’s just like in cooking, when it calls for butter don’t use margarine, when it calls for extra virgin olive oil don’t use vegetable oil”!

 The Spanish Olive Oil

After this stop it was time to search for a snack, it just so happened that across was a booth with Spanish olive oils! Wow, what a treat, Finca Hostalets from Spain represented by Mr. Sebastian Luis Gonzalez from Cahs.
The Seuma family’s harvested the Arbequina olive for over 100 years, they call it “ a gift for the senses” and indeed it was!
Sampling these incredible tasting, pure black & white truffle oils and olive oils with a chunk of crusty Swiss bread was heaven!
Next stop was Deux Freres representing a dry gin, the two brothers have the gin distilled in Tirol, Austria then carefully transported to a farm in Zurich where, by caring hands, carefully selected blossoms are added and then being macerated at a very low heat.

The Traditional Swiss Wurst!

By now it really is time to eat something! So we followed the smell of roasting meats towards the outside of the exhibition hall and there they were, the Swiss grilled bratwurst! With another chunk of crusty bread and mustard… yum yum!
Can’t you taste it?
As anticipated the festival was a great success, looking forward to next years event.
Once again we would like to thank the President Mr. Turjancik for the invitation.

In March 2018 join us for the Whiskey tasting tours on three different ships on the lake.

Ulrich and Nazarine Koepf

PS: Sorry Gerard Lavergne didn’t see any Puerto Rican Rum such as Barillito or Zacata



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